Koe No Katachi A Silent Voice

Summary :

A quick overview koe no katachi is a very well done film although not without shortcomings and which has dealt with a complex issues and which leaves the viewer with questions but no easy conclusions it is a powerful enough film to remember and ponder over and people may draw different lessons or perhaps none. A silent voice the movie japanese hepburn eiga koe no katachi also translated as the shape of voice the movie is a 2016 japanese animated teen drama film produced by kyoto animation directed by naoko yamada and written by reiko yoshida featuring character designs by futoshi nishiya and music by kensuke ushio. A silent voice film anime and manga portal a silent voice japanese hepburn koe no katachi literally the shape of the voice is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by yoshitoki ima. News interviews for a silent voice koe no katachi only the brave is a powerful tribute view all a silent voice especially through its silent visual storytelling in the background . A silent voice also turned out to be a very good film in its own right it isnt flawless some of the supporting characters are under explored and in a few cases inconsistently and one dimensionally written and some of the story jumps around and doesnt always feel complete

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