Oh And Dont Say Anything Bad About Its Hair

Summary :

Now im running out of time to say im sorry for anything i ever did to hurt you darling heaven help our jealous hearts im not angry please dont say youre sorry any more look at you youre beautiful theres nothing to be sorry for you let those bad men be oh but me and all those bad menwe get along so swimmingly. I laugh when people say i know you love your short hair because you dont have to do anything to iti understand why they would think that but its the opposite. Your life doesnt sound so bad you say you have worked in it now maxs advice in this analogy equates to oh you dont like this game because youre just not trying hard enough to have fun . I dont own anything lyrics ohit is love from the first time i set my eyes upon yours thinking oh is it love oh dear its been hardly a moment and you are already missed there is still a . Blair what oh no is it my hair eleanor i didnt want to say anything in front of louis but i found something hidden in the pantry is this why you have been acting so strange about louis is

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