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Moe anthropomorphism also known as gijinka in japanese for humanization is the trend of creating human like characters based on non human subjects including inanimate objects animals brands or concepts online many of the female representations are named using the japanese honorific chan. Navy seal copypasta is an angry rant post that gained online notoriety for its abundance of ridiculous self flattery and threats that portray the poster as an internet tough guy stereotype in the original post the writer claimed to be a former navy seal with a long history of combat experiences ridden with comical typos and hyperbolic phrases like gorilla warfare 300 confirmed . Hi im miss you on youtube i subsribed to your channel an cant get anything news do you have got a mailing list to get infos about new posts from you. Look for more post where i will update you on the meaning of the post also you can help out with this modern day mystery thriller played out in reality tv style by figuring out the meaning of this latest post today november 24 2017 which includes a number of people posing for a picture at first glance i recognize only president bill clinton and john pode. Warhammer 40000 fluff the horus heresy screwed almost everyones plans except the chaos gods of course and changed the flavour of the imperiums grimdark from stalinist soviet if you breathe a word about religion we rape you with knives to catholic inquisition if you breathe a word about the wrong religion we rape you or your whole planet with knives unless you can find an

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