Earth Chan Poring

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The worlds billionaires club is getting less exclusive with 1426 members this year here we take a look at the richest of the rich the top 500 minimum net worth 29 billion. Chaos dragon knight voice is a dark and dark element monster it is a 6 stars dragon balanced monster which costs 24 units and it has 2 skills in puzzle dragons the skill calls dark orb change change light orbs to dark orbs the leader skill calls dragon knights resolve dragon type cards hp x2 atk x2. Succubus is a dark element monster it is a 3 stars healer monster which costs 5 units and it has 2 skills in puzzle dragons the skill calls poison mist devil type cards atk x15 for 1 turn inflict poison damage equal to atk x1 to all enemies every turn ignore enemy element and defense the leader skill calls quickness increases time limit of orb movement by 15 seconds. The great pyramids of naachtun lie shrouded in the emerald forest of northern guatemala they are part of one of the most remote inaccessible sites in the entire ancient maya world at the height of maya civilization this prosperous city lay in a perilous heartland caught between two clashing

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