Earth Chan And The Seven Deadly Planets

Summary :

I didnt see any ask earth chan books in wattpad so i decided to do one dares and questions are obviously in this book dont hesitate to ask any question earth chan and her friends will try and answer all questions ps the cover and earth chan doesnt belong to me. The story of a young girl earth chan our mother planet who studies at planetarium college together with other planets and stars and is the only one to have tiny crea anime planet universe 22 more earth chan and the seven deadly pl by chinqalicious 375 6 1. All seven planets were detected by watching how their star dims as each passes or transits in front of it scientists measured how much of the stars light each transit blocked from earths view knowing how big a planet would have to be to do that the astronomer calculated that all seven must have roughly the same radius as earth. Parker solar probes first flyby of venus credit to sol studios the team behind the earth chan anime project for the character design. Earth chan know your meme earth chan is an anime style anthropomorphic representation of the planet earth she is depicted as a young girl with hair dyed in the colors blue and green resembling a photograph of the planet taken from space

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