Change Your Icon Folder With Anime

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This is my desktop the icon is too big i tried to use gsettings set orggnomenautilusdesktop font ubuntu 9 but the it changes only font size of the desktop icons i tried to use compiz. Im trying to set the icon in add or remove programs to the same as my applications icon my icon is stored in the application folder of my solution i read on sourceforge you have to edit the. I changed my applications icon for a new one by going to project myproject properties icon and manifiest and load the new icon now in my debug folder the icon of my exe file appear with the new icon which is ok but when i execute the exe the application icon in the taskbar still showing the old one. I would like to change the icon for outlook 2013 when i right click and select properties change icon is greyed out as a supplementary question how can i run as administrator that optio. I wanted to change the icon showing for a shortcut on the desktop which points to a net utility i created for myself i rebuilt the exe after changing the icon used within the project

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