The Ultimate Fate Timeline Made This For A Friend Who Didnt Understand Order There May Be Few Mistakes

Summary :

The only franchises that require a timeline to help people with a watch order are the knk series as those novels take place anachronistically and may confuse first time readers and the zero stay night hollow araraxia trilogy as for that you are supposed to read stay night and hollow ataraxia and then zero which is where the timeline confusion arises for most new viewers. Fate apocrypha is an alternate story as to what happened in the fate storyline in that in fate apocrypha the greater grail or the holy grail itself has vanished after the third holy grail war a long period of peace or silence if you will as there is no fourth holy grail war passes and the plot begins around the same time as the fifth holy grail war. The ultimate fate of kylo ren discussion selfstarwarsspeculation submitted 1 year ago by piano18 hi all so ive been pondering the fate of kylo ren at the end of this trilogy . For that reason kiritsugu didnt like shirou using it but shirou kept asking his father to teach him magic anyway shirou looked up to his father wanted to be like him and save someone shirou saving people isnt always the easiest thing to do youre often made to make difficult decisions his father once told him on a warm summer night. And yet another in episode 8 theres a blink and youll miss it scene thats flipped most viewers wont consciously spot it but might feel like something is off note watch the light switches carefully theres at least one scene where its on the wrong side of the door plays with this trope in regards to the red room

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