Puella Magi Midori Magica

Summary :

Known for voicing satsuki kiryuin casca mami tomoe view 114 images and 10 sounds of carrie keranens characters from her voice acting career was born jan 16. Ai to yuuki no pig girl tonde buurin is a parody and an example at the same time one of the few perhaps the only parodies actually aimed at the same demographic as straight examples its protagonist is a magical girl warrior who transforms not into a glamorous frills of justice clad heroine but instead into a superpowered pig in a cape cute high earth defense club love is a hot springs . This anime is really good but season twos ending one of the most disappointing endings i have ever seen in my life and now it needs a season 3 to make up for that ending you should have seen my face when i was watching the ending it was amazing up until that point and then they had to end it with me thinking what. An interactive site where users can vote on female anime characters from anime movies oavs and series

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