In The Same Universe But Dont Be Too Surprised Dear Theorist Because There Are A Lot More Connections Between These Two Shows Left Uncovered Oh Hi

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There will never be an insider from the bilderberg group this idea and that one of them is a source is ridicules they are too small and too powerful for any one of them to become a rat for any reason. 448 comments admin july 5 2009 1230 pm dear real zionist news family all readers from brother nathanael i wish to be perfectly frank with you all first of all these articles including this one for sure requires hours upon hours of research texting formating photo hunting picture foto shopping etc. It was sponsored by the saudis but was not possible without the blessing of the us corp they must keep it hidden because it is obvious that for the saudis to pull it off the corps assistance was required. The 9 11 conspiracy theories are pretty well known by now the bbc addressed them earlier this month with a documentary the conspiracy files shown within the uk until now i dont think weve

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