Ever Seen Ginyu And Kefla In The Same Universe

Summary :

Kefla being born from two individuals should share the traits of both but bears more a resemblance to caulifla lacking almost any notable traits from kale like caulifla she was confident to the point of being overly so though now she had the power to back it up and is as bombastic as caulifla ever was. Ever seen ginyu and kefla in the same universe 580 42 comments diamond background replacement concept holographic cards 62 27 comments i hid achievement and fluff and this is what were left with 56 16 comments 031 found a baby lead so heres a nuke test with ui goku crit for disrespect. She gets even more handy with the rebirth and with a good top team one kefla for instance i have this card on jp and global the evade is a total saver and she links well with alot of other saiyans. Kefla is the first known warrior to fuse with potara in universe 6 kefla is the first potara fusion character in the dragon ball anime series to fight in the super saiyan 2 form keflas is the first known fusion to ever participate in a tournament seeing as she was made during the tournament of power. Can 40xssb ssj2 kefla destroy a universe user info daimaotakahashi daimaotakahashi 7 as far dragon ball goes injuries do result to reduce ki like when gohan got kicked in the head during the ginyu force battle in the same fight you notice that ui fatigue goku needed to power up a little to be confident enough to take her on which

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