Another Anime I Think Most People Know About Is Buso Renkin

Summary :

Kazuki destroying saruwatari later that night tokiko explains alchemy buso renkin and the homunculi to kazuki and sets off to fight more homunculi he stays behind to look after mahiro who wakes up thinking that what happened before was a dream. synopsis an anime about a hero and his masterful display of a bow despite the odds being against him he attempts to take on some of the most powerful warriors known to human kind being impressed with his resolve and skill she decides to employ him into her ranks from one battle to the . Became a running joke in transformers robots in disguise in which one woman is constantly harassed by sideburn who is trying to get jiggy with her carby narrative convenience she starts being in range of the giant robot battles nearly every episode in contrast transformers armada has maybe five people actually see the constant robot battles

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