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But to my knowledge there is really nothing like the marvel dc universes in anime or manga there have been crossovers between series that originally dont place in the same universe such as dragon ball and one piece in cross epoch but these are almost always noncanon and just for fun. The akashic records reality marbles the mages association clock tower academy i think its reasonable to assume that as their source materials are in the same universe as each other and as ufotable is trying to be respectful of that material as possible that the two anime are in the same fictional universe as each other. Do not link to lead people towards torrents proxies or unofficial streams downloads anime in the same universe higurashi and umineko share the same verse and i think that majikoi and they are my masters share the same verse. Japanese pop culture through a feminist lens all the winter premiere reviews in one easy to find place well update the chart as more series become available so be sure to check back in the coming days for more

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