Code Geass Battle Fight

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Geass giasu is a supernatural ability which certain people can bestow upon others cc is the most prominent character who grants the power of geass the geass manifests differently in each individual possibly related to their inner desires and personality the power of geass increases. Lelouch lamperouge rurshu ranperji is the protagonist of code geasshe is originally born as lelouch vi britannia rurshu vi buritania the eleventh prince of the britannian imperial family and seventeenth in line for the thronehis father is the britannian emperor charles zi britannia and his mother . Lelouch vi britannia rurshu vui buritania was the protagonist of code geass lelouch of the rebellion and code geass lelouch of the rebellion r2 17 years old 18 at r2 after he was exiled he used the alias lelouch lamperouge rurshu ranperji he was the. Britannian characters in code geass excluding the main characters and code geass akito the exiled and the tropes they embody ruler of the britannian empire and father to lelouch and his siblings charles is introduced as a social darwinist who thinks that war is the best way to create social

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